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Conservate Forest With Us

Peramun Hill is a popular tourist attraction, strategically located at the center of the tourism triangle on Belitung Island. Peramun Hill offers view of pristine forest with granite outcrops. From the top of Peramun Hill at an altitude of 129MDPL, we will see the beauty of the forest, South China Sea and small islands around Belitung Island.

The name Peramun Hill comes from the word "peramuan - in local language" or "gathering plants", because from time immemorial until now this location has been used by the local community as a place to gather various forest plants for traditional herbal medicine.

Since 2006, Peramun Hill has been managed independently by local communities of the social forestry group or HKm Arsel Community. In 2017, Peramun Hill began to open for tourist visit for the first time by prioritizing conservation values, the application of digitalization and sustainable tourism. The results of Bukit Peramun consistency for 17 years have contributed to nature and community welfare, finally in 2023 it was named the first digital-based forest in Indonesia - MURI.

  • ± 20 KM from Tanjung Pandan City
  • ± 22 KM from HAS Hanandjoeddin International Airport
  • ± 20 KM from the Tanjung Kelayang Tourism Special Economic Zone

why do you go to Peramun

First digital forest in Indonesia
Forest tourism with best view
Conservation area for rare tarsiers
Managed by local communities